Lighten Up, Iowa!

Capitol City Swing, our performance troupe, is participating in Lighten Up, Iowa! The program starts tomorrow, so if you’re interested, there’s still time to form your own team, or to join as an individual.

The goal is to increase our level of activity, so we’ll be logging our activity each week, and keeping an eye on our total minutes of activity. Perhaps this will mean we’ll each be rehearsing more and getting just that much better!

Janet is kindly leading the group, and I’ll admit that my level of awareness of what we’re supposed to be doing is really low, but I do know that I’m planning to start Yoga tomorrow, and to actually reach my goal of 10,000 steps on a regular basis. (Right now, I only hit it on Mondays when we have rehearsal and Wednesdays when we have class!)

We all will be logging quite a bit of activity this weekend – Jive Junction is Friday and we have a performance at Living History Farms on Saturday. Want to log some activity of your own? Join us for three awesome hours of activity on Friday, 8-11, at the Community Center.


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