Jive Junction!

As you probably know, we’ve moved out of the West Des Moines Community Center for the summer – they were planning to undergo some renovations and promised a better space for the fall. Unfortunately, I think they ran into some trouble getting things started over there, so no renovations or repairs took place.

Even more unfortunately, that week that we received untold quantities of rain, it all leaked in the unrepaired windows and through the unrepaired roof, and completely ruined the floor of the ballroom. We’re not quite sure what the future holds for the Community Center, but they suggested we find somewhere else for the next several months at least.

Living History Farms has been awesome for hosting us this summer, but our agreement with them was not long-term, and we’re not able to stay past August. We have a location for October (the new community center in Colby Park!), but are still looking for September.

So… stay tuned. I know it’s hard to keep us on your schedule when you don’t know where we’ll be, but we’re doing our best. Thanks!


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