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Swingin at the Crossroads Lessons

One of my favorite parts of attending workshops such as this weekend’s Swingin at the Crossroads is listening to other instructors – hearing how they teach, the things they say, etc. It’s nice confirmation to hear out of town instructors saying the same things I say. But it’s especially nice to hear them say largely the same things I say when I’m teaching, but phrase them differently.

My favorite example from this weekend is Alison answering a student question about how the follower knows whether or not to put her hand on the leader’s shoulder during any given move. Alison responded that she never assumes a basic step, she notices the leader asking her to move forward, and then when she notices his hand has connected with her back, then her hand is the last thing to connect with his arm. The last thing.

This is a concept I also convey to our classes, but I don’t phrase it nearly as succinctly nor as clearly. I usually dance (pardon the pun) around the concept a bit, talking about how I can do the dance without using my left arm at all, that I am not holding or grabbing onto the leader, etc. Then hearing Alison say the same thing but using about 1/4 of the words… well, that’s my strange idea of a good time!


Swingin’ At The Crossroads

Here we are at the Convention Complex for Swingin’ At The Crossroads! I couldn’t be more pleased with the weekend so far. Last night’s Jive Junction was excellent, the turnout at today’s classes has been excellent, and the classes have seemed to go well.

Joel and Alison are, of course, excellent instructors, and they’re super fun on top of that. If you’re reading this at home, make plans to head down here and join us – either for the afternoon today (Saturday), for the dance tonight, or for tomorrow’s classes.

Tonight is our big dance with the Jaztronauts from Minneapolis. $10 gets you in for a night of dancing.

Oops. AND Swingin’ at the Crossroads News

Well, shortly after I published the Swingin at the Crossroads website, it was pointed out to me that the advance registration deadline was missing a digit. It was supposed to be July 31, not July 1. That was about two months ago. Apparently, I just forgot. Someone pointed it out to me again today and I’ve actually fixed it now.

So you have until JULY 31 to complete your advance registration for Swingin’ at the Crossroads. That’s only $45 for a whole weekend of dancing with some of the USA’s top instructors. I should note, also, that Alison is going to stop touring next year, so this will be one of your last chances to see Joel and Alison teach together outside of California!!

Also, we’ve adjusted the weekend schedule somewhat. We’re starting later, and we have four classes on each day now, instead of 5 and 3. We won’t wear out our teachers quite as quickly that way, and you’ll have more energy for the dance Saturday night!